Stainless Steel
Exhaust Systems

Our exhaust systems are custom made to fit any vehicle from tractors to high performance race cars and can be fabricated in 304 stainless steel, across a size range of 1.5" to 4" in diameter. From manifolds to full systems, we can do it all here!
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Custom or Standard?

Fast Road Conversions can offer custom-designed and constructed exhaust systems OR supply and fit factory exhaust systems.

Our Powerspeed Exhaust Systems are unique to you and your vehicle. Unlike an off-the-shelf exhaust, we like to put you, the customer, in the driving seat to get the sound, looks and performance that you require and desire. You tell us how you'd like your vehicle to sound and what tailpipe you require and let us do the rest!

Not only that, we can also fit your supplied exhaust system. Bring it in, we'll fit it!

We also know if you like to take your car on track-days or speed events that you may need your exhaust silencing to a particular dB level. Here at Fast Road Conversions we can do that. Just tell us what you need!

The Bends

Mandrel Bending
There are many exhaust manufactures around the country but here at Fast Road, we are the only stainless steel exhaust company with an Ercolina tube bender. This amazing piece of kit gives us the ability to bend tube from 1 inches to 3 inches in diameter, enabling us to bend tube without crushing, resulting in much better gas flow than with a compression bender.

Compression Bending
We can also offer a more affordable version of exhaust system for those clients who may be on a slightly restricted budget. The exhaust system is still manufactured from 304 stainless steel, however the tube is bent using a compression bender. This process is much quicker than other manufacturing methods, and is a great compromise for most standard vehicles, and of course our compression bent work still carries a full lifetime guarantee.

Lifetime Guarantee

Fast Road Conversions are so confident in the quality of our exhausts that every Powerspeed Exhaust System we manufacture and fit is covered with a lifetime guarantee. A single Powerspeed stainless steel exhaust will be the only one you will ever need!

Choose the right tail

Fast Road Conversions can accommodate even the most unusual vehicle specification and can fabricate silencers and tailpipes to fit any vehicle you may own, regardless of any uniqueness. Choose from Slash-Cut, Oval, Outwardly Rolled and More. Every part is bespoke to you and your vehicle!